Behind our new look

31 March 2016
old logo

Previous TARDISS logo


The new logo was selected in late 2015 from 14 different options submitted by 4 local designers, the final decision was made though a vote conducted by the Manager Barry Moyle of our participants, staff, and Board members.

Many of us still miss the previous logo as it was a strong connection to Tardiss’ beginnings.  We will always try to stay true to Tardiss family culture and avoid becoming overly ‘corporatised’.  Having said that, it is also important to always present ourselves as the professional and caring organisation that Tardiss is.

Billy Colless of BC Designs was the designer of our new logo,  Tracey Martin and Gemma Visini from The Marketing Factory put together the new ‘look’ by designing our stationary, brochures and the car signage, Leslie Hogg from Gracie Signs was hugely helpful with the printing of the car signage and banners and last but by no means least Tardiss supporter Noleen spent hours painstakingly sewing new pockets with our new logo onto our shirts!  

Wherever we can we use locals because we know how important it is to support our local talent – you get a better result and more personal service. 

New Tardiss logo in alternative colours


Our new website has been designed by Cloudthree who are based on Flinders Street, Townsville.  James and Katrina have done a fantastic job not only of designing a great site but also working with us and our other local business partners so that the whole brand has the same look and feel across our different platforms.

Our previous website was overdue for a spruce being originally designed five years ago.

old website look


This website is new and there will probably still be typos here and there that we would love to hear about – but most importantly if there is something that you wish was on the site which isn’t then it would be hugely helpful if you let us know!  From what we know of the NDIS, participants will judge service providers heavily based on their website so this is a crucial shop-front to present to North Queenslanders who we are.

Promo Video

Local designer and video editor Luke Taylor from Taylor Creative partnered with local cinematographer Wil Walquist to create our promotional video… what a result!  The video shows who we are and what the NDIS will mean to North Queensland, Tardiss and our participants.  Wil and Luke have been a pleasure to work with.

Everyone in the promo video are participants, families and staff of Tardiss.

This will not be played on TV, we don’t have that kind of money to spend when it could go to more important places, but we will be spreading the word using our promo video through social media.  If you like it, then please share the video to your friends and family on facebook, twitter, St Bernard, whatever! Your spreading the word is much more valuable to us than television or radio.

Here are some other videos produced locally by Wil and Luke which are really worth checking out!  North Queensland has some real creative talent…