NDIS – first week

17 April 2016

This week Tardiss delivered the first services approved under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) in Queensland. What a learning experience it has been for all of us!

Newest addition to the Tardiss family

This week Tardiss began providing in-home supports to Keegan Dooley and his family.  Keegan is the first person to receive an approved NDIS Plan in Queensland, his family’s story has now been told through various media.  The family’s story was also featured during the Minister for Disability Services’ speech last week in Brisbane.

First family in Queensland to get NDIS funding says it is making a big difference - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

First family in Queensland to get NDIS funding says it is making a big difference – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) www.abc.net.au/news/2016-04-15/townsville-family-first-to-get-ndis/7329084

Helping Keegan, his brothers and sisters getting to school is the first order of business, an everyday activity for families across Townsville but one which presents many unique challenges for families like the Dooley’s.

Tardiss was first approached at our Willows Shopping Centre stall because the Dooley family were looking for a small local provider.

Keegan’s mum Deborah has four school aged children who are all eligible for NDIS plans.  Deborah’s advice for other families who will be going into the NDIS; have clear life-goals.

The NDIS will provide the supports which are ‘reasonable and necessary’ to assist people overcome barriers to achieving their goals.  The words ‘reasonable and necessary’ were used a fair amount during the planning process Deborah says.

Other than the carer’s pension the Dooley family have until now being functioning with only family support.  It has been a full time job for Deborah and her mother to manage this amazing family up until now.  Tardiss will now provide services to support these children meet milestones and achieve their goals.

“Would like to do a huge shout out to a small personal and upcoming great Disability Service called Tardiss..I have recently linked to them in first getting help with my NDIS plan, from there I actually have had my plan done and finalized. I received my plan Thursday and they actually started my supports Monday.I think this deserves saying as Tardiss actually follow through with what they say and actually do it so quick.” Deborah


The NDIS early roll out is now underway in Townsville Charters Towers and Palm Island.  As we are starting to see what the NDIS actual is we can see how big an impact it will have on locals in the long term.  The Dooley family are an example of where supports haven’t been provided in the past however many of us are anxious to see how the new system will impact on the services of  the thousands of locals who are already receiving supports from Tardiss and other service providers through contracts with the Queensland Department of Communities.

Locally we have the advantage of being first to access the NDIS funding in Queensland, however it also means that we are the guinea pigs for how this will all roll out in Queensland, given we did not receive a ‘trial site’ like the other states did.

On Friday the Minister launched a video for the NDIS which features local families and what impact the increased support will have on their lives.

Townsville Bulletin 18 April 2016

Townsville Bulletin 18 April 2016