Helen – living her best life with the NDIS

9 July 2018


We are so proud of the work Tardiss has done with Helen who joined us early last year.  Only 18 months later Helen has increased her independence beyond recognition and recieves support from a team of workers who she chose.

Helen also chose her Pod Leader, Penny, she has a depth of knowledge about Helen’s goals and needs and provides support to Helen and the team of workers.

Helen was previously in 24/7 group accommodation but was not happy, among others issues she had personality clashes with other residents and was very keen to have her own home.

Helen at first moved to her new unit with 24/7 support just like she was getting in the group home, this provided Helen with safety and familiarity during the transition of settling into her new independent life.

During this period of 24/7 support, various strategies were put in place to empower and support Helen to slowly reduce the amount of support she had.  Issues like supporting Helen with safety strategies so that she felt secure in the evenings sleeping at home by herself. reducing the amount that she is dependent on continual communication and re-enforcement by support staff.

Helen has reduced her supports gradually throughout a one and a half year period so that she is now living independently with relatively small amounts of supports.

The NDIS has made a large upfront investment in initial independent 24/7 support for Helen when she moved from the share house setting.  Supports are being gradually reduced as she builds her skills and confidence.  Helen receives the benefits of independent living and the NDIS will save in the long term by reducing the levels of NDIS support.  Helen is now utilising mainstream supports, for example taxi travel.   She has increased access and flexibility in getting out and about in her community.

As a regular Meals On Wheels volunteer Helen is a valued member of her community.

We spoke with Helen’s sister Gail, her main family caregiver:Gail and Helen

“Helen arrived in Townsville in 2012 after leaving an abusive relationship in another State. After several attempts at shared supported accommodation proving unsuccessful, in 2016 our only hope was to apply to the NDIS for an independant living package.

“We started looking for a service provider who could supply support for Helen to achieve her dream. This is when we met Alec McConnell from Tardiss.

“We interviewed several providers but we chose Tardiss, a small company with personalised service.

“Helen was in control from the beginning and is still today. She interviewed the support workers, who she originally chose to work with her on a 24/7 roster. These four ladies are still her support workers today, it is so wonderful Helen now has such stability.

“Helen has grown and progressed to only requiring support for a few hours in the morning and a few hours in the evening. She can see her dream of independent living materialising.

“She has been assisted with keeping budgets, cooking meals, visiting friends, many social activities and medical appointments. She has grown in self confidence beyond measure. She often says to me “I’m happy”.”