“It’s great to spend time with Michael. We’ve recently been discussing his idea to get accommodation specifically designed and built for quadriplegic people. The project is in its infancy, but we both believe that it is very important for the quality of life of quadriplegics. If Michael’s vision can be realised, it would be great to see friends of Tardiss volunteering to help with the building of the residence.: Michael Herron, Townsville Equipment Finance Broker.

Tardiss could not exist if it were not for the contribution of volunteers who have dedicated thousands of hours to helping people with a disability in North Queensland.  Their work has helped our participants to be active in the community and in-home activities.

Tardiss also provides the option of Cert III training in Disabilities to help you provide the best possible support while volunteering.

Tardiss recognises and values the unique contributions that volunteers can make from the perspectives of: the increased involvement of the wider community, through volunteers, with Tardiss participants; the qualitatively different relationship that volunteers develop with participants; their greater freedom to advocate for the Participants;

  • Their capacity to supplement the services that Tardiss provides;
  • Their flexibility in undertaking their duties; and
  • Their cost effectiveness to the Participants and Tardiss.

Tardiss has policy aims to establish the conditions under which volunteers are utilised, volunteers’ responsibilities to TARDISS and our Participants, and our Tardiss obligations to volunteers.

There are opportunities to provide voluntary support to people with a disability through Tardiss.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer with Tardiss, please complete the below form so one of your friendly team members can contact you to discuss this exciting opportunity.