Fully Supported Management

Full support management has been developed for Families/Guardians who may be aging carers, may not be physically present in the region, or may for some other reason not be able to provide high levels of support.

This service is ideal for Families/Guardians whose capacity to manage may be diminishing and need a plan for the ongoing support of their son and daughter

Who is eligible:

  • All clients who that receive block funding from DCCS or are privately funded.
  • Families/Guardians of a disabled person who that require Tardiss to provide a fully coordinated and administrative support for their determined service.

Tardiss can provide a complete service:

  • Client is completely assessed
  • A care plan is developed
  • Carers trained to suit client needs
  • Carers rostered, monitored and supervised
  • Client wellbeing is continually monitored
  • Regular feedback to Parents/Guardian
  • Monthly well being status and budget reports available for Parents/Guardian.
  • Open door policy.

When you cannot be there for your disabled loved one Tardiss can be.