Self Management

Tardiss Self Management places Family in charge of their care needs.

Self management, Family Managed Funding and Self Directed funding are terms that all mean the same thing, it is a shared management arrangement where Tardiss and the family work together within an agreed plan.

Who is eligible?

All participants who receive block funding from DCCS.

Where does the money come from?

Family Managed Funds are funds from Disability Services Queensland (DCCS) Program which are transferred from Tardiss to families with a family member with a disability

TARDISS delegates the responsibility for the management of all or part of the funds to families. Tardiss requires each family to:

  1. Use the funds in accordance with the guidelines of DCCS and the Family Support Plan.
  1. Account for the expenditure of the funds in accordance with their Family Support Plan

Families benefit because they:

  • avoid excessive organisational costs which agencies charge
  • have greater choice over who works for them
  • have greater flexibility in the types of support they use
  • have more control over who, how and when workers provide support.

Is Self-Management new?

No! Families with a disability member have successfully benefited from this model of care for over 15 years in Brisbane and with the formation of Tardiss in Townsville it became available in North Queensland.

Tardiss Simplifies Self Management

Tardiss Provides Tools and training to the families. Most importantly Tardiss provides the backup.

Tardiss Backup is via qualified staff, a pool of trained carers and a monitoring system

Take control of your loved ones’ care. Contact Tardiss.  Together we can put you in charge.