Tardiss Values & Principles

Tardiss vision: Providing opportunities to clients and families – converting their vision into realities.

Tardiss mission: North Queensland community organisation working with families to achieve their goals through respect, mutual trust and transparencies. We believe that our clients are entitled to a full and valued life through a caring, supportive and honest partnership.

Tardiss promise to you and ourselves:-

Tardiss will listen to every individual and family to shape the care that provides a quality of life and expected outcomes.

Tardiss-11Tardiss will be guided by the drive and management skills of the individual and their families.

Tardiss will be proactive in providing and receiving information to and from the individual and their families, guaranteeing shared management and partnership transparency.

Tardiss staff are Support Industry professionals, whose training is continually upgraded.

Tardiss care is of the highest quality, with continual hands on supervision, using technology to share information between participants, families, guardians, carers, supervisors and the National Disability Insurance Agency or the Queensland Department of Communities.

Tardiss IS NOT the “same old, same old” service provider. If you are looking for genuine care and positive outcomes, input into the management of your funds and a real partnership in the care of your loved one with a disability talk to us now.